audacity pathway

kingdom centered incarnational living

Next Steps
Understand the History, Vision, and Mission of Audacity Church
Crash Course
Grow as a follower of Christ, get the tools to effectively tell your story, and be deployed to change the world!
Roots I
Roots I covers the foundational truths we believe: Trinity, Scripture, Prayer, Church, and the Cross.
Roots II
Roots II covers the foundational truths we believe: Resurrection, Worship, Kingdom, Adversary, and Eternity.
City Welfare
Our focus is on being missional in our communities; we serve through our 5th Sundays, Love Week, and incarnational living.
Formational Classes
Learn how to follow Jesus in his presence daily, having healhty relationships, understanding Scripture, and stewardship.

Following Jesus Together

Jesus says, "Follow Me, do what I say, and walk in my ways." 

At Audacity we define a disciple with three words: Relational, Transformational, and Co-missional. Following Jesus is about being in relationship with Him. Being in relationship with Jesus leads to transformational change, that leads to a life of holiness. From that relationship and transformation disciples are called to do the works of Jesus and walk in his commission.
We live  out Kingdom centered incarnational living  with three words: Love, Serve Go. At Audacity we Love God with all of our heart, soul, being, and might. We serve others with a Christ embodied love, and we are intentional to Go and make Christ-like Disciples.